Entry #2

Project in Progress

2016-02-15 22:03:04 by Mathaeuz

Hey people, it's me again. Passing by to notify you guys I'm still alive, well, and with one or two ideas in mind. The whole talk about being lazy and slow progressing in my things are a given, so let's skip to something more interesting.

My current project is a music video, a piece of animation inspired and governed by a song made by an awesome composer and remixer called DreamEater (formerly known as XsakuX and DjSonik). You might have heard one or two of his songs if you've been around for a while on Newgrounds, specially in a few of SonicParadox's SonicShortsCollab.

It's a Sonic animation as you'd expect, so if you're into that stuff, root for me and I'll try not to let games interfere too much. \o/

I'll now leave you guys with a pic from what's coming.


Cya around!


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2016-02-15 22:10:03

Sonic is my shit, get on with it! :D

Mathaeuz responds:

Aye Aye, Sir!