Project in Progress

2016-02-15 22:03:04 by Mathaeuz

Hey people, it's me again. Passing by to notify you guys I'm still alive, well, and with one or two ideas in mind. The whole talk about being lazy and slow progressing in my things are a given, so let's skip to something more interesting.

My current project is a music video, a piece of animation inspired and governed by a song made by an awesome composer and remixer called DreamEater (formerly known as XsakuX and DjSonik). You might have heard one or two of his songs if you've been around for a while on Newgrounds, specially in a few of SonicParadox's SonicShortsCollab.

It's a Sonic animation as you'd expect, so if you're into that stuff, root for me and I'll try not to let games interfere too much. \o/

I'll now leave you guys with a pic from what's coming.


Cya around!

Final Stretch (or is it?)

2015-05-08 17:12:59 by Mathaeuz

I've been idle from animation for a while, at least in greater media networks, but that's due to my latest time consuming responsibilities such as work and university (instead of being out of pure laziness as it used to be.) But, the later is reaching it's final moments this year (hopefully) and I begin considering employing this new-found free time into the making of flash cartoons.

Despite all this time, the ideas never ceased, I never left the animation mediums such as Newgrounds, dA and those famous animating guys we all know and love. In fact I even have a few flash ideas already on the making and they may see the light of day in the future, you have the word of a lazy-bastard to back that up, ladies and gentlemen.

I passed through a whole lot of reflection over life choices when I began writing this text, then I scrapped it all because that was not relevant at all, the fact is that I'm willing to put some more effort in my projects to make up for past...lack of commitment? That'll do.

Cya people around! o/